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by RETNA | $60M Jet: World’s Most Expensive Street Art?
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[Koi Fish in Osaka by Hamilton Yokota (aka Titi Freak), a São Paulo native with Japanese ancestry] 
Graffiti Japan: For anyone that has visited Tokyo, it’s no secret that Japanese graffiti artists, while of course influenced by the New York scene, have created a beast all of their own with the popular influences of calligraphy, kanji, and anime and manga characters.
Intro to Tokyo Street Art: Emphasis is placed on creating complete pieces with a narrative of sorts – perhaps this is a remnant of the woodblock culture, where a single image often captured or represented an entire tale. Works are often very large scale, credited in part to certain legal graffiti zones.__Graffiti Japan (gallery)

Drainspotting - Another Wholly Distinct Aspect of Contemporary Japanese Visual Culture
PIC #1: New El Mac Painting in Chelsea, New York

PIC #2: Collaboration w/ Kofi One

PIC #3: Magnificent Modern Murals by El Mac, a Los Angeles born artist who’s been studying art since childhood. He draws inspiration from LA’s Mexican and Chicano culture as well as from pin-up and religious art…Creating unique and one-of-a-kind murals and graffiti, he’s been commissioned to paint all across the US as well as in France, Denmark and Mexico.

PIC #4: Graffiti Murals by El Mac
El Mac in Montreal &  Bristol + Interview
Tes One
"The work that I create is the line of demarcation between traditional art techniques and digital graphic design. From graffiti art and illustration, to vector graphics and raster images, the fusion of these contrasting elements are a direct representation of my surroundings and how I see them."
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